The Message

by Space Explorers

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The Space Explorers present...THE MESSAGE. Released on the 17th anniversary of the release of the first Space Explorers cassette.

OPTIMUS RHYMES, COSMIC & AURA are the SPACE EXPLORERS...a team within JKC - Jedi Knights Circle. The journey through space and time began with a tape cassette recording released January 20, 1998. 9 Tracks and a handful of Interludes sent listeners on exploration through the outer space and inner space. 17 years later the team of 3 has reassembled to take listeners on this journey, once again...

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Activating security mainframe,
Infiltrating the optical fiber,
Intercepting all frequency wave lengths,
Manipulating remote drivers,
Compromising all password protection,
Bypassing security codes,
Initiating data collection,
Preparing for massive download.
Selecting subject for analyzation,
Creating a profile for customization,
Enabling location services,
Modify camera and microphone purposes,
Monitor purchases, optimize worthlessness,
Indicate future path, Analyze worthiness,
Emotional posting, toasting commotion,
Promoting the bloating, lumping the throat, bing,! Resulting in sulking, the bulk of consulting,
Is Pulled from the holdings, of scolding steel moldings,
A pulsing, convulsing, trolling soul,
Backwards compatible, tapping intangible,
Handling circuits, expanding the landfill,
a crop, of sloppy digital droppings,
Compiling findings, Computing advice,
Set down the device and go live your life.

Miles up above the earth
a keyhole satellite converts
A picture to a thousand words Explaining how I feel,
Then opposite the planet
You receive my candid manifesto
Managing to never handle what is truly real,
So let’s agree to shake the dust
And touch the beating heart of trust That rumbles when the two of us Unlock the pixel box,
And gather underneath the stars Connecting face to face afar
From digitized depictions aren’t
we more than Firefox is searching for
so give me the room give me the light shooting the moon
while living a life
a messenger outside the lines of code corroding all my eyes can surmise
when the skies are crawling with devices I
human of the last frontier delete the lies...NOW

sometimes it feels like somebodys watchin' me-! through the screen-
no privacy,prolly watchin' you too-
more consumed with youtube-
or upon facebook tryin' to get a look-
hidden in your nook-
want to be the man,but so many hands that you never shook-
and so many steps that you never took-
now take it back-
back to a time, when it was just about the beats and rhymes not fakin' jacks-
so whats the impact?-
of all this overexposure-
digital poser-
profile full disclosure-
goin' just for the photo-
oh no!-
i think its also about the journey-
and learning along the way,then true knowledge youll be earning-! see,just because you googled it-
doesnt mean you lived it-
that virtual reality will never give you the experience-
we all delerious-
floatin through this cyberspace-
takin life too serious-
we'll never make it alive out of this place!-
fearin' that face to face-
never felt that real embrace-
would rather watch from a far, than participate in the human race-! oh what a waste-
overstimulated and overdrawn-
its all overrated once the powers out and our whole worlds gone----


released January 20, 2015
Features Cosmic, Aura and Optimus Rhymes. Beat by Aura. Engineered by Cosmic at The Green Room.


all rights reserved



Jedi Knights Circle Santa Cruz, California

With a debut release in 1997 and countless more in the following decades, JKC is steadfast in the creative art of hip hop music. There have been many group albums released under different monikers (including the Space Explorers) as well as a number of solo albums from: Optimus Rhymes, Cosmic, Aura, Autoflo, Randy & Maleko. Often referred to as do it yourself hip hoppers with a whole lot of heart. ... more

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